China Biologic Products Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBPO), is a leading fully integrated plasma-based biopharmaceutical company in China. Our core capabilities include plasma collection, research and development, manufacturing, and commercialization of human plasma-based biopharmaceutical products. Our company was founded in 2002 and was listed on NASDAQ in 2009.

Our products are used as critical therapies during medical emergencies and for the prevention and treatment of life-threatening diseases and immune-deficiency related diseases. Backed by robust research and development capabilities, we aim to capture substantially all of the value along the plasma products value chain, and to develop our technology to enhance life quality and create value for more patients. We have expanded our product portfolio to eight categories of plasma-based products, including human albumin, immunoglobulin for intravenous injection and coagulation factor products, as well as other biopharmaceutical products, and we continue to make progress on new pipeline products.

Headquartered in Beijing, we manufacture our products through our wholly-owned facility in Guizhou Province, majority-owned facility in Shandong Province, and minority-owned facility in Shaanxi Province. Our well-managed and strategically located plasma collection stations under these facilities secure the raw material to manufacture these products.

Our strong sales team helps us promote and sell our products through efficient and effective channels. We are one of the first plasma companies in China to penetrate into the end-user market. Directly serving about 600 hospitals and clinics, we maintain close contact with patients and hospitals to truly understand their needs. After years of dedicated efforts, China Biologic has grown into a leading domestic plasma product supplier in China.

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